Who We Are?

Since 2003, we formally represented as the first cruise ship recruiter under VIP International recruitment services in Mauritius. CSCS International Manning established in September 2009 with the main and distinctive goal to offer more job opportunities to the Mauritian in the cruise ship industry. In 2009, CSCS International Manning Ltd. became the only hiring partner in Mauritius. CSCS International is now one of the leading Mauritian and African cruise industry career guide and recruiter. We have assisted thousands of candidates from Mauritius to work and travel the world on well reputed cruise liners. Over the years of operating as the cruise ship job recruiter, now we are also present in South Africa, Madagascar, Ghana and Kenya.

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Working Candidates on Cruise Ship

What We Do?

We are extremely passionate about our work. Our team of experts assess serious job seekers like you based on your current experience and qualifications and find the most suitable cruise ship job for you with our featured and well reputed cruise liner partners.

Not only that, but we also guide and advice in case you need to get additional timings so that you can learn about the reality of the cruise job and the unique lifestyle that goes with it. We also often provide these trainings to you ourselves!

All the heavy-lifting is done entirely by CSCS International Manning.

You still don’t know where to start? Keep reading…
If you are serious about cruise ship jobs, then you are in the right place!
We offer exciting opportunities in a variety onboard departments!
Getting paid to travel the world sounds too good to be true right?
Imagine exploring new ports around the world while working with amazing crew members of all nationalities…
Imagine increasing your chance to meet and create international network which can be useful in your career…
Wouldn’t it make you so much happier and fulfilled?
Let’s have a look at some of the exciting opportunities of working on a cruise ship…

You are not sure what to expect while working on cruise ship ?

Don’t just take our words for it.. See what our successful and happy candidates are saying…


Great to have known the team cscs international! i like this job and i m interersted for this job. i m waiter and i have many experiences about the job and i want to have some informations for the job


Hi i am Haruna mewa a hairdreser.i wnt to thanks cscs international Manning an to Mr Chandra seepaul who had give me a chance to wrk on ship by the Steiner training in London and to day what i am its all because Mr Chandra seepaul because of him i got a chance to see Europe woww. Thanks to cscs international Manning an to mr Chandra seepaul. I remember it very Well on my interview with Nadine on that time my hairdryer was broken so its him who has help me on that time thank you very much and what i am it because of him he has always help people well done sir


Its for sure one of the best company in Mauritius!!
Thanks you Mr Seepaul you have lighten many people lifes !!
And Congratulations for your magnificent success!!
God bless you ...

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What Jobs We Offer?

Let’s have a look at all the exciting types of jobs that are available on a cruise ship…
A cruise ship is just like a large hotel with cafes, bars, restaurants, gym, swimming pools, etc…
So, it’s almost like working in a large hotel except it is much more exciting and fun!
The list of jobs available on a cruise ship is fairly long. But let’s give you a glimpse of some of the most exciting jobs that you can get hired for, today!

The cruise line is like an entire city floating on the sea. There are jobs for everyone – from inexperienced to veterans. Plus, there is every type of job available. You just have to choose which one you like the most!
Click the link below to send your information and let us help you get hired on a Cruise, today!

Benefits of Working on a Cruise Ship:

  • The most obvious advantage of working on a cruise ship is the opportunity to travel numerous destinations around the world such as; Caribbean Islands, U.S.A, Europe, Asia, Mediterranean and other beautiful coast around the world.
  • You are well taken care while being onboard as you get to enjoy free accommodation and food.
  • The crew bar to chill out, free gym access to keep you fit and healthy and other recreational facilities for leisure on-board.
  • Stay connected with free WiFi and Internet facilities available to crew members.
  • Free medical treatment available to all the crew members on board.
  • As you are usually onboard ship for at least 6-9 months or more of the year its easier to save more money without rent or other living cost and Tax free salary.
  • Cruise liners invest time and money into training their crew members and once onboard you will be encouraged to seek for promotion and much more…
Cruise Ship Jobs Mauritius
Cruise Ship Jobs Mauritius

Working on cruise ship is ideal if you are looking to take your career to the next level and enjoy working in a challenging and great environment.

At this point, you probably already know how amazing cruise jobs are…
But you are wondering, how  to find out more about working on cruise ship and if you are even eligible for it?
Well, we are always hiring new crew members like you and that’s exactly what we do here at CSCS International Manning. We help you to get your dream cruise job while also preparing you to get qualified for selection. It doesn’t matter which nationality you have or where you live, there is a cruise-line job waiting for you!
Once we receive your details, then our team of professionals will match your profile with the available jobs and find the perfect cruise job for you…